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Maintenance and Assessment Services

Fuquay, Inc. provides an array of pipeline maintenance services to meet the needs of municipal, industrial and utility clients throughout Texas. Our team and fleet of hydroblasting equipment, sewer cleaning combination trucks, specialty tools and CCTV video inspection units can help you with your preventive maintenance needs as well as emergency response.

We have a wide range of tools and technicians to handle any type of cleaning project including grease, heavy debris and root intrusion. Our specialized fleet of vehicles can jet and clean lines from 4″ and larger as well as and clean debris from catch basins and manholes.

Our portable and mainline CCTV inspection cameras provides our team the ability to inspect lines 2″ and larger. We can also provide detailed pipeline survey reports in digital format to meet your data collection and asset analysis needs.

For more information about our pipeline maintenance services, please contact our New Braunfels office at 830-606-1882.

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