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Main-To-Lateral Lining

LMK’s T-Liner® is a one-piece homogenous main and lateral CIPP connection liner. Both the mainline and lateral sections are formed as a structural cylinder that renews 18-inches and 360-degrees of the mainline and extends up the lateral pipe as one continuous lining.

Uniform wall thickness

  • Compressible material creates smooth, tapered transition to the host pipe
  • Insignia Gasket Sealing Technology prevents water from re-entering the pipe
  • Permanent lateral identification indicia (ID) including address and product information
  • Lateral lining up to 200 feet long

The Performance Liner® Lateral System is a unique cured in-place process that allows the installer the freedom to position the liner anywhere in the pipe by inverting through a cleanout. The liner can be directed either upstream or downstream using LMK’s patented guide shoe. In addition, this versatile system is capable of being installed in pipes under foundations, inside walls, or in vertical applications. LMK’s Lateral system is truly a no dig situation for renewing lateral pipes since the entire process can be completed through a cleanout. Gasket sealing O-rings are placed at the upstream and downstream ends of the liner providing a verifiable, non-leaking lateral liner that is compatible with all types of piping.

VAC-A-TEE is a trenchless cleanout installation system that is environmentally friendly, utility friendly, and installer friendly. Installed by means of hydro or vacuum excavation, the VAC-A-TEE system is a clean and safe method for installing a new cleanout, which provides access to the sewer lateral pipe for cleaning, lining, root removal, CCTV, etc. The system involves a patented PVC saddle, riser pipe of appropriate length, and proprietary hybrid adhesive/sealant. After a small diameter borehole has been created, the contractor applies the adhesive to the underside of the saddle and then snaps it onto the lateral pipe. Once the adhesive cures, it forms a watertight seal with the pipe, and a diamond core saw is then used to cut and remove the crown of the pipe.

  • Installed with minimal disruption through hydro-excavation
  • No large trench boxes, no shoring, and no man-entry mean a safe work environment.
  • Will work with a variety of pipes including vitrified clay pipe (VCP), concrete, PVC, and cast iron.
  • Saddle covers more than 50% of the lateral pipe creating a structural cleanout installation
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