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Erosion Control Services

Fuquay, Inc. has more than a quarter-century of experience in erosion control and environmentally responsible development. Our expertise in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) compliance, has allowed us to successfully implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) on many projects at all levels:

  • City/municipal
  • County
  • State
  • Federal

Count on Fuquay, Inc. for leadership in erosion control installation, devices and products. Our installation crews have gained expertise and environmental sensitivity in a wide range of related tasks, including construction site preparation. This experience, combined with a high degree of skill and creativity, allows them to address many erosion control problems discovered or created during excavation. When our experts are on your job site, you can be confident that there are no problems, only opportunities to find a better way to achieve your project goals.

We have prepared thousands of sites in central Texas for construction, from micro to macro in scope. We can construct erosion and protection barriers around a whole site, surrounding a natural area within a site, or circling a single tree. Whatever your needs—large or small, you can depend on the experienced staff at Fuquay Inc. to ensure regulatory compliance and optimal site efficiency.

Installation Services
Tree protection
Soil stabilization
Temporary construction barriers
Consulting and troubleshooting
Highway Construction Products
Cellulose Fiber Seeding (Hydro-Mulching)
Broadcast Seeding
Hay/Straw Mulching
Drill Seeding
Soil Retention Blankets
Sediment basins
Silt fences
Fiber rolls
Cellular containment systems
Rock berms
Stabilized construction entrances
Inlet protectors
Other structures
Commercial & Residential Re-vegetation Products
Bermudas – Common, Sahara, Sultan, more
Fescues – KY31, Crossfire, more
Native Grasses – Green Sprangletop, Little Bluestem, Buffalo, more
Buffalo Grass – Topgun & Bison
Ryes – Annual & Perennial
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