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UV Cured Spiral Wound Fiberglass Pipe Lining

Fuquay, Inc. is a fully licensed installer of the innovative Alphaliner cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining technology from Reline America Inc. This process has been setting standards in true no-dig, trenchless rehabilitation for damaged sewers, stormwater pipes, and other underground piping systems since the 1990s.  Reline America, Inc. uses the internationally recognized Brandenburger system which uses the UV-light curing method for trenchless rehabilitation of sewers.  For more than 65 years Brandenburger has been a leading world manufacturer of high technology materials.

Reline America offers Alphaliner, employing several unique characteristics to create a truly innovative pipe lining process:

  • Glass fiber mesh for ultimate strength and flexibility
  • Factory styrene impregnation eliminates inconsistent applications and errors
  • Ultraviolet light curing system is fast (Curing speeds of 10 ft/min. or faster are achievable.)
  • Curing process is chemical-free with no site contamination
  • Liners shipped by air, sea, or truck freight, ready for installation
  • Inner liner surfaces are exceptionally smooth, allowing high sewage flow rate

This procedure can line pipes up to 48-inch diameter and 1000 feet in length. (60-inch diameter lining is currently under development.). Its ease of handling does not require job site mixing of chemicals or excavation, thus making it possible to rehabilitate damaged lines in hard-to-reach areas. Reline America Blue-Tek has been used to successfully rehabilitate approximately 10 Million feet of sewers in more than 27 countries worldwide.

IMG_2695Fuquay, Inc.’s rehabilitation division provides and installs an internal point repair system that uses a fiberglass mat with 100% solids epoxy resins, creating a structural repair with a minimum life span of 50 years per ASTM F1216 Specifications.  The system is designed for 6″ to 24″ diameter pipelines with cracks, holes, and separation in joints. The repair system is inserted into the damaged pipe using an inflatable bladder and push rods. The repair system is then centered over the damaged pipe section and pressed tight against the host pipe area, creating a structural new pipe. No excavation is typically required.

Picture 045Any CIPP lining project that involves lateral or service connections adds an extra set of challenges to the project. When a CIPP liner is installed, lateral connections are covered by the CIPP liner with normal drainage service not available for use by residences or business. A liner Installation causes a temporary minor inconvenience, but far less troublesome than a dig & replace excavation project. All residents & businesses are notified several times in advance of a CIPP liner installation to minimize problems. Special arrangements can be made to help ease burdens to businesses wherever possible, such as off hours installations or even individual separate bypass systems.  Fuquay operates a full range of robotic cutters, integrated for use with CCTV vans.

Our installation crew has one CCTV inspection truck that is equipped with two robotic cutters with a supply of spare parts for field repairs if necessary.


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