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Horizontal Directionally Drilling (HDD) / Boring has proven itself to be a very effective technique for the installation of pipelines and other utilities in sensitive or congested areas.

Fuquay, Inc. provides horizontal directional drilling services as one of its trenchless technology construction methods.  HDD construction is used to install pipelines (steel, composite or plastic), fiber optic and electric cables, and water and waste water pipelines where conventional open trench construction is not feasible or will cause adverse disturbances to environmental features, land use or physical obstacles. HDD technology is used in many situations, including the following:

·         Pipeline Crossings

·         Sensitive Wildlife Habitat Area

·         Road & Railway Crossing

·         Valley Crossings

·         Lake Crossings

·         Wetland Crossings

·         Canal & Waterway Crossings

Fuquay, Inc.’s state of the art drilling rig, mud recycler unit, and electronic guidance system has the ability to bore holes ranging from 5 ½” – 20” diameter and is available to fulfill your needs throughout the State of Texas.

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